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Artist Statement Degard – PAINTER

Artist Statement – Story

DEGARD (RCA, FRSA) Painter of Auras

Degard’s Art is intends to help people with their fears and anxieties; to help with the worries of our minds, our psychic and mental health. Degard’s art intends to inspire the viewer to be lifted, enchanted and experience a spirit connection.

In 2020, Degard decided to work with people directly rather than indirectly through photography; to further discover a person’s special qualities. What can be seen in your auric energy that makes you exceptional and distinctive? This has become her ongoing exploration.

In Degard’s first series Celebrities and Icons? she wanted to ‘see’ and understand the auric energy of success. So, the question became who represents success and why? For example, what makes Brad Pitt so famous but a similar man, similar height and build not famous? What do we love about fame and success? Can success be seen in the aura? The answer is yes! Is success always positive as we are led to believe. Is fame and success worth craving?

Degard’s has also explored the nature of seeing aura –in the dark! She uses phosphorescent paint, gold leaf, genuine gemstones to elevate and understand the aura and show it as she experiences it. The aura is an incredible sight.

It is this ‘incredible sight’ that Degard wants to bring into view – another vibration, world, that is filled, interlaced, woven with the energy of hope and life and a touch of a real magical fairyland. Degard infuses this energy of the ‘amazing’ into her art, to give to the viewer a real sense of hope from our day to day fears and anxieties. 

Her work intends to give our lives a sense of home, protection, enchantment and excitement.


Why Does Degard paint auras?

This moment described beneath, and many moments since, is the inspiration for her paintings….

“It all started with a blinding flash of light when I was about 33 years old, or more specifically spotting a blue luminous square ahead of the chest area of someone chairing an important meeting which I was attending. I had been observing these flashes, light, energies throughout my life and I could never figure them out.
After I had seen ‘the blue square’, and once the meeting was finished  my friend at the meeting said “isn’t it fantastic he is doing this work, given that the chairmen has just had triple by-pass surgery!”
My a-ha moment!!

I then could understand that this ‘blue square’ was ‘the memory in process’ Today I have defined this as having seen the ‘auric conscious energy’ of his operation. Did the square indicate surgical human impact? Could I interpret the colour blue as profound and massive healing? Did the size and position determine the place of the incision. I interpreted these moments as just that – that I could essentially ‘see’ the experience of the whole operation in his energies” Degard