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Degard is a pioneering British ‘Painter of Auras’ and a contemporary Visionary artist. Degard is the curator, and founder of the genre Contemporary Visionary and The Visionary Brit Museum.

Degard sees auras, sees traces of people and animals. She can intuit through her art spirit portraits of those people who are long gone.

Degard says “It all started when I ‘saw’ a blue square around the chest of a man who I discovered had just had triple by-pass surgery. I suddenly understood what these flashes of light were; they were his Aura, his conscious energy. The square indicated surgical human impact, the colour blue- healing – I could see the experience of the whole operation in his energies.”

Contemporary Visionary discusses notions beyond scientific understanding such as life and consciousness and political notions which need redefining. As an artistic practice contemporary visionary essentially critiques the barrenness, bleakness of post-modernist art.

Degard highlights the value of Contemporary Visionary art at The Visionary Brit Museum

The Visionary Brit Museum is a Red heritage telephone box outside of the British Museum which hosts Visionary art exhibitions exclusively. We receive up to 3000 visitors who take photos of the work inside the Vis Brit weekly.

Degard is doing a Doctorate in Fine Art on the Visionary in Art at the University of East London.

Degard has exhibited extensively with recent exhibitions, Aura II at Brook Street Gallery opposite Claridges, London, Quintessence of Consciousness at The Royal College of Art, solo show at Museum Al Zubair, Oman, and Saatchi Art. She has hosted and arranged talks ‘Art with…’, at the Royal Society of Art, where she is a Fellow. Degard works alongside Anxiety UK to bring Art into mental health. Degard has recently published a paper with The Astropolitics Institute ‘Space and Art’. Degard is represented by Laura I Gallery, London.

Degard has written four books, is a committee member of The Colour Group and a fellow of The Galileo Commission for the Scientific and Medical Network. Degard is working on her doctorate ‘An Exploration of the Visionary in Art’ in Fine Art in London.

Degard’s Art joins a long history into the study of consciousness, perception, cognition studies interwoven with visionary experience; as exemplified by visionary artists, Susan Hiller to Kandinsky, Hilma af Klint to William Blake. Degard’s Art brings this visionary and mystical genre, into a contemporary, socio-political context.

Molly Hackney, writer of The Medium’s Medium (written for an exhibition at Frieze, London 2019) says of Degard’s latest exhibition, The Power of Things, Drip: Still Lifes

‘The canvases at Drip enchant the viewer with this glimpse into spirit connection. It is her choice of objects that give this exhibition such magnetism.’

Degard graduated from The Royal College of Art. She received awards from the Alan Davie Foundation.


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