Aetheric Art aims are to affect the mind set of key decision makers in the art, the divine and science worlds.

The reason for affecting these key decision makers is to unify these disciplines and thereby create a platform, to create a profound acceptance of the divine and the extraordinary in fine art.

Aetheric artists working today can determine if their work is aetheric art. It is in the power of the artist to acknowledge this.

By acknowledging your interest as an aetheric artist this is not an unwavering commitment to a cause. Artists can be maverick, creative in their thinking – that is important to continue. By adding your name here, you become part of an incredible and growing group of aetheric artists.

  • By being on this list you will be invited onto the private guest lists of all aetheric art exhibitions,
  • You will be the first to receive our newsletter called Ver Sacrum.
  • you are likely to be invited to participate aetheric art exhibitions in the future.
  • Aethericism aims to publish books, supplements and blog posts on a regular basis. Again you may be invited to contribute.
  • We would invite you and greatly appreciate you to contribute to the dialogues – all views and comments are very welcome.

Of course you would not be under obligation to contribute unless you were happy to do so!

A really warm welcome if you are signing up and speak soon!