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Visionary Artist V.S Artificial Intelligence

I had a powerful debate in 2017 with James Brett, the entrepreneur and owner of The Gallery of Everything and The Museum of Everything – fun names but not true to their word! They are exclusively Outsider art venues. I said the definition of fine art is a quality, an exquisiteness and he argued vehemently that it is a [...]

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How Degard brought her ancestors ‘back to life’ and how she can do the same for you at her solo show in London gallery next month

It seems that many adults in the UK embraced a new hobby during lockdown to boost their mental or physical health.  A poll of 2,000 adults in 2021 found more than one third took up a new activity during the pandemic. The majority chose one linked to some form of mindfulness to help keep calm in the unchartered waters that the [...]

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Degard at Holocaust Galleries, Imperial War Museum, Birkbeck International Holocaust Convention and Wiener Holocaust Library Why did I attend these events? My latest series of work includes spirit portraits, auras and thought forms of more than 20 of my ancestors who I now know through online research were murdered during the Holocaust – this event could not be [...]

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Jake Robinson celebrity fan

JAKE ROBINSON We posted Jake’s photo on Instagram and were really pleased that he liked the painting. It’s an incredible photo to begin with of Jake literally flying through the air. His aetheric energy wrapped tightly around him, using every part of his being to create his successes. This painting is part of the series ‘Celebrities, the Media [...]

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Ver Sacrum newsletter 5

Ver Sacrum discusses the (e)merge of the arts, science and the divine The new discipline is called Aethericism NEWS DEGARD – ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART Very exciting news!!! Degard will be attending the highly prestigious Royal College of Art to start her PhD journey in painting and research. She is thrilled to be attending this fantastic college, anticipating [...]

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Ver Sacrum newsletter 4

Dear Friend, ONLY 5 DAYS TO GO TILL THE LAUNCH OF THE FIRST EXHIBITION OF AETHERIC ART! Exciting times. Very much hope you can attend Warmest wishes Degard DEGARD presents CELEBRITIES AND ICONS? The 1st Exhibition of the Aetheric Movement 15th-21st May 2018 Opening Hours: 11am - 6pm daily Signet Contemporary Art 378 Kings Road London SW3 [...]

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