Commission A Bespoke Spirit Portrait

Degard presents a unique and personalised service that offers you the opportunity to acquire a bespoke Spirit Portrait. Degard will channel the energy and essence of your departed loved ones, interpret their aura, and transform her findings into a meaningful hand-painted portrait.

Degard’s Spirit Portraits can provide you with a profound experience that offers an intimate look into your ancestors’ character and personality. Degard has found this process to be deeply transformative, and she hopes to offer the same healing experience to others.

Below are some examples of how Degard has brought her own family ‘back to life’ through Spirit Portraiture…

All that is required is the name and/or image of the relative you wish to honour for Degard to create a one-of-a-kind Spirit Portrait that captures their unique essence, personality, and energy. Experience the uplifting and healing power of a Spirit Portrait by Degard and cherish the memories of your loved ones in a truly remarkable way.

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