Virtual Exhibition


The Power of Things – Drip: Still Lifes

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 to Saturday, October 21, 2023

The Power of Things – Drip: Still Lifes is a joy filled, inspirational exhibition designed to fill the viewer with wonder, pleasure, a hope for life.

‘Genuine Aura is in all things’ Walter Benjamin

Objects carry ‘Aura’, or a presence.

Everyone can point their minds to a specific item or natural element which holds much desire for them… from a flower, to a photograph, clothes, cars, homes, foods, health, drugs etc…

Why, for some are sneakers so loved? How can this fabric, this designer dress or a specific car hold so much resonance?

Why do designer brands have such a pull, a magnetism for some people? Why do we crave them? This exhibition explores in fun VR what that magnetism could be!

Is this Fetishism or energetic Resonance? Fetishism is an energetic resonance?

Magical artifacts also carry an incredible energetic resonance.

Aura Conscious of the Pentacle, oil on wood, 2021, Degard (for sale £125)

This exhibition offers you a wonderful exploration of the Auras of objects – hope you find your favourite here – if not please email me!