Welcome to ‘an aetheric collection’. Beneath is a little information in order to understand my work more fully.

‘an aetheric collection’ is the visual interpretation of the Aura Pure. Degard sees the Aura Pure.

The Aura Pure (AP) contains all of our thought processes, memories, emotions, health and wellbeing. It seems to contain everything about us – everything we have ever done and it lights up when we are emotional about a particular aspect of our lives. The AP stores information in specific ways also, for example surgery is often stored as clear shapes, while colour can indicate a variety of meanings.

Degard believes that intrinsically we know what these dots and dashes, shapes and colours mean since we all have a sense of other people’s energy. We are very clearly attracted to, or repelled by some people that is us, reading their AP – without really realising it.

The Aura Pure eddies in and around the body of humans and animals alike. The AP often extends outwards, well beyond the body itself having emanated from the body. The body, the person is the originator and can create intentionally their Aura Pure. The extension of the AP is often connected with that person’s desires in life; like Winston Churchill where the AP almost seems to encompass the whole world with patches of darkness and swathes of landscape.

These paintings are the first images of the Aura Pure anywhere in the history of mankind. However, these images are static like a photo. The actual Aura Pure is dynamic like a weather system around us. Degard’s paintings are like a painting of clouds instead of the clouds themselves. I hope you can allow your imagination to view the immensity of what this looks like around us.

I hope you really enjoy these paintings.