Sophia Loren Aura Pure – 33 x 40 cm oil on canvas and wood – 2016

Am I getting divine help, have I got a guardian angel, have I got a psychic helper? is this wristband, word, moto, affecting my life? Is there a curse from Tutankhamun? does the evil eye exist towards me? am I affected by psychic forces, Am I carrying bad energy/good energy, wealth energy, do spells work, are witches, wizards effective in harnessing this energy? What does clever look like in terms of aetheric energy, what does wealth look like in terms of aetheric energy, success, racism – does it exist in the aura pure, do I carry the sins of my father? Are my ancestors with me? If my throat is slit at death will heaven be denied me? After death am I just dust in a box? What is left of my legacy/my aura pure?