Degard is a pioneering British ‘Painter of Auras’

Degard is a visionary artist, curator and founder of the genre Contemporary Visionary.

Degard sees auras, in and around people, animals, places and things. She channels spirit portraits of people long gone and brings them to life in paintings.

The Visionary Brit Museum is the only gallery in the UK to only show Visionary Art which Degard curates inviting leading Visionary artists to show in this incredible space outside of The British Museum in central London. The Visionary Brit Museum has over 1000 visitors per week.

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Degard is doing a Doctorate in Fine Art on the Visionary in Art.

Degard has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally. Her current show is at The Visionary Brit Museum ‘Meeting My Ancestors Lost in the Holocaust’. Upcoming exhibitions in London’s Atlantis bookshop, Museum Street (August 2023), in Aldeburgh at The Lookout with the Aldeburgh Arts Society (July 2023) and at The Affordable Art Fair (October 2023)

A ground-breaking group exhibition with the work of Gabriel Rico, Mark Titchner and Degard can still be seen. Click here to view this extraordinary show: Quintessence of Consciousness

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Degard’s paintings join the vast canon of Visionary artists: Hilma af Klint, Susan Hiller, Kandinsky and William Blake. See here for the relationship between Contemporary Visionary Art and consciousness studies in association with The Academy for the Advancement of Post-Materialist Studies AAPS

The Contemporary Visionary genre brings the mystical extraordinary experience and contemporary issues together in Art.

Molly Hackney, writer of The Medium’s Medium (written for an exhibition at Frieze, London 2019) says of one of Degard’s latest exhibition

‘The canvases enchant the viewer with this glimpse into spirit connection.’

Degard graduated from the Royal College of Art. She received awards from the Alan Davie Foundation.