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Call to Artists, Academics, Scientists, Collectors, Curators, and Those Interested!

Contemporary Visionary is an International group of artists, academics, writers and scientists, founded in London in 2019. We combine the thinking and research of contemporary art and the socio-political climate alongside our visionary experiences: contemplative, meditative, shamanic, psychic, transcendental, occult, esoteric and religious. We critique the culturally dominant thinking in science, politics and consumer culture. Contemporary Visionary art can be transformative and lead to well-being.

Contemporary Visionary as a genre can relate to a piece of art specifically. An artist’s entire production varies across the expanse of their career with particular artwork holding within a contemporary visionary sensibility. There are many pieces of Art both contemporary and historically that are Visionary whilst the artist has a larger body of work some of which they and others would not consider to be Visionary.

If you would like to be involved with Contemporary visionary Art you will be:-

– invited onto the private guest lists of all Contemporary Visionary Art exhibitions

– receive our newsletter

– as an artist, curator, writer, scientist – you are likely to be invited to participate in Contemporary Visionary exhibitions, conferences and events. Contemporary Visionary aims to publish books, supplements and blog posts on a regular basis. You may be invited to contribute.

– If you are just interested we are delighted to welcome you also.

– As a collector you will have first-hand contact with the artists, the collections and choice of purchasing.

A really warm welcome to you

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