When Harry and Meghan Got Married

A response to the book Spare by the artist Degard.

In 2018, the marriage of Harry and Meghan was announced. The artist Degard decided to document this event by scouring all of the British press in particular, but international news about Harry and Meghan and other celebrities at the time. Degard created about 120 paintings all on the genuine newspapers from 2018 and bought at the time, as seen in the gallery below. Degard was creating a series about the auras of celebrities in the press. The show which went on on the week of Harry and Meghan’s marriage was called Celebrities and Icons? and questioned who are the celebrities these days and who are the icons….???!!!

In Prince Harry’s recent interview with Tom Bradby, Prince Harry reiterated with great passion, over and over again, how the press hounded him, and Megan. How he was frightened for his life, just like his mother had been, and who had been cruelly killed by the paparazzi. He didn’t want this to happen to him. But how true is this fear. Degard’s paintings reveal a true analysis in paint.