Buraq coming to meet The Prophet represents the heavenly equine in Islamic tradition, serving as the mount of the Islamic prophet Muhammad during his Isra and Mi’raj journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, up through the heavens and back by night. A profound spiritual ascension and testament to the deep connection between the divine and the mortal, it reminds believers of the realms beyond our immediate perception, of promises of the afterlife and benevolence.


This painting invites the viewer to embark on a journey of introspection and to contemplate the vastness of the universe and human imagination. Awash with hues of azure and gold, the figure of Buraq emerges as if borne from the very fabric of the skies. Interweaving art with history, Buraq coming to meet The Prophet is a portrayal of an ethereal being, a symbol of spiritual transformation. Ephemeral moments when the soul touches the edges of the divine and the endless dance between faith and understanding.

oil on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard