Aura of Children Holocaust, from the Arcadia series, is a tribute to the children lost to one of history’s darkest chapters. The young souls are re-imagined in an Arcadia – a vast natural landscape covered with vibrant flowers and blue skies, a place untouched by the complexity and corruption of civilisation. This painting brings their essence into the visual field of the present. Together, they stand as silent guardians of memories, bound by the vast and colourful horizon that tells tales of dreams and struggle. Reborn in the warm embrace of Mother Nature.

Throughout Western literature, especially during the Renaissance and Romantic periods, Arcadia became synonymous with a vision of unspoiled wilderness and harmonious living, a Grecian paradise, serving as a metaphorical space where one could find true contentment and connection with the natural world.


oil on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard