Aura of a Woman


The ‘Aura of a Woman’ artwork represents the portrait of an unknown lady whose urban outfit allows us to guess that she is stylish and has a rich inner life. The unclear facial features suggest that she is experiencing a liminal state, and so is the painterly space depicted.

The jumpsuit is represented by a long vertical blue which cuts the compositional area almost in half. The woman’s full-body portrait seems to be confronting the viewer as in a passing moment. The torso is placed on an ascending (upward?) reverse diagonal, creating a symbolic tension – the Woman is turning back to a conventional understanding of ascension and takes a less traveled road: inner growth through the complex process of ‘drilling’ and understanding past heritage. The ‘Aura of a Woman’ is a stunning artwork whose aesthetics combines pop art elements (like the woman’s outfit) with spontaneous paint brushing specific to expressionist art and with fauvists’ bold colors, textured brushwork, and non-naturalistic depictions.


Degard, Aura of a Woman, oil on wood, 30 x 10 cm, 2023


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