• Delve into the expanse of Arcadia and AI, a digital painting designed using advanced AI technology. Envisioned through Degard's prompts, the canvas unveils an entrancing realm, inviting viewers to ponder the vast possibilities of artistic creation in the age of technology. Degard ventures deep into the visual reservoir of the digital space, extracting and sculpting from a colossal library of shared memories and archetypes. These limited-edition prints form part of the Arcadia series. prints, size on request, 2023, Degard
  • Stepping into this dreamscape, Arcadia inspired by Henry Darger draws parallels to the imaginative world of the self-taught American artist, known for his fantastical illustrations and intricate narratives. The soft hues and whimsical patterns of the clouds in the sky are reminiscent of Darger's portrayal of the ever-changing weather in his Realms of the Unreal. There's a sense of movement, an untold story, and a silent dialogue between the elements, much like the interplay of characters in Darger's intricate tales. Yet, Degard's piece is unique in that the absence of figures leaves space for interpretation and imagination, inviting viewers to weave their narratives.   oil on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard
  • Arcadia with AI is a digital painting made using generative AI technology. Created from Degard’s prompts, an idyllic landscape filled with curious yet calming pockets of nature emerges on the screen. Modern technology allows artists to explore a visual archive through words. Pulling and tearing from the universal database, from what has been, to create an image unique and original. Poetically, AI technology has fabricated an natural landscape filled with surreal flora and a solitary house. Drawn from the mind of a computer and fitting for the exploration of Arcadia. prints, size on request, 2023, Degard
  • The Aura of a Blue tit, from the series Arcadia, combines the dreamlike quality of visionary art with the natural charm of the blue tit. Celebrated for its curiosity and agility, the small bird is seen with a vibrant aura and background.   oil on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard
  • Aura of a Red kite flying brings to life, the unmistakable bird, the Red kite, symbolic in various cultures of freedom and its connection to a higher realm. As part of the series Arcadia, the Red Kite evokes the sense that the viewer can reach the higher realm of higher consciousness. The kite soars through the sky, a messenger of the gods, and is associated with the spiritual realms. Seeing the world from above, these mysterious creatures freely flow in any direction they please, linking the natural world and the earth with the vast expanse of the spiritual universe. oil on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard
  • Aura of an Interior, oil on paper, 22 x 30 cm, 2019, Degard
  • Aura of Children Holocaust, from the Arcadia series, is a tribute to the children lost to one of history's darkest chapters. The young souls are re-imagined in an Arcadia - a vast natural landscape covered with vibrant flowers and blue skies, a place untouched by the complexity and corruption of civilisation. This painting brings their essence into the visual field of the present. Together, they stand as silent guardians of memories, bound by the vast and colourful horizon that tells tales of dreams and struggle. Reborn in the warm embrace of Mother Nature. Throughout Western literature, especially during the Renaissance and Romantic periods, Arcadia became synonymous with a vision of unspoiled wilderness and harmonious living, a Grecian paradise, serving as a metaphorical space where one could find true contentment and connection with the natural world.   oil on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard
  • Aura of Heaven

    Aura of Heaven, from the Arcadia series, resembles a classical piece, a cosmic fairy tale, a dash, and a dance of vibrant hues reminiscent of the weather, sunrise, or sunset. The exploration of the term Arcadia spills into this endless landscape, where sky and sea are indistinguishable. The strokes and subtle shimmer speak to a world where tranquillity takes the lead, and the chaos fades into the background. oil on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard
  • From the Arcadia series, Aura of the Universe is a symbolic representation of the idea of space, time, and the spontaneous images that appear sporadically on the canvas. The interweaving layers of this painting invite one to contemplate the invisible energy fields that radiate throughout existence. The cracks which appear as textures and tones are memories derived from the senses. Blossoming golden space, symbolic of wealth, power, and majesty. ‘There must be a kind of painting totally free of the dependence on the figure – or object – which, like music, illustrates nothing, tells no story, and launches no myth. Such painting would simply evoke the incommunicable kingdoms of the spirit, where dream becomes thought, where the line becomes existence.’ – Michel Seuphor. gold leaf on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard
  • Buraq coming to meet The Prophet represents the heavenly equine in Islamic tradition, serving as the mount of the Islamic prophet Muhammad during his Isra and Mi'raj journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, up through the heavens and back by night. A profound spiritual ascension and testament to the deep connection between the divine and the mortal, it reminds believers of the realms beyond our immediate perception, of promises of the afterlife and benevolence.   This painting invites the viewer to embark on a journey of introspection and to contemplate the vastness of the universe and human imagination. Awash with hues of azure and gold, the figure of Buraq emerges as if borne from the very fabric of the skies. Interweaving art with history, Buraq coming to meet The Prophet is a portrayal of an ethereal being, a symbol of spiritual transformation. Ephemeral moments when the soul touches the edges of the divine and the endless dance between faith and understanding. oil on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard
  • Discover the magic of Rupert Sheldrake's Telepathic Pigeons inspired by his fascinating theories. Ever wondered how pigeons always find their way back? Sheldrake believes in a concept called ‘morphic resonance’, suggesting that nature has a collective memory, allowing species to learn from their predecessors. As part of the series Arcadia, Rupert Sheldrake's Telepathic Pigeons take flight to an idealised landscape. Shimmers of glitter adorn blue skies, evoking a sense of serenity, which invite one to ponder an Arcadia fit for one of London's most iconic nature spirits.   oil on wood, size on request, 2023, Degard


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