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Artist Statement Degard – PAINTER Artist Statement - Story DEGARD (RCA, FRSA) Painter of Auras Degard’s Art is intends to help people with their fears and anxieties; to help with the worries of our minds, our psychic and mental health. Degard’s art intends to inspire the viewer to be lifted, enchanted and experience a spirit connection. In 2020, [...]

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A r t i s t   S t a t e m e n t D e g a r d – P a i n t e r STORY It all started with a blinding flash of light, or more specifically spotting a blue square ahead of the chest area of someone [...]

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Eva Longoria celebirty fan

EVA LONGORIA Eva Longoria alongside Eva Longoria Baston and Jose Baston AP at the Global Gift Gala, Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh May 2017

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Elizabeth II Aura Pure

Elizabeth II Aura Pure - 15 x 28 cm oil on wood with gold leaf and paper - 2014 The aura pure reveals your wealth, your strengths, your violence and your murders.

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