Angel Days (starting with Sunday on the far left inspired by Kabbalistic thinking on the power of days) – oil on wood, gold leaf 2014

Angel Days (starting with Sunday on the far left inspired by Kabbalistic thinking on the power of days) – oil on wood, gold leaf 2014

Degard says “My Art offers the viewer a vision into the world of energies and presences and how these energies affect all of our affairs, lives, emotions. With true understanding i hope we can find that elusive peace within ourselves and for our communities. My current work is highly political tackling racism and interfaith issues, always with a sprinkle of truth and magic.”

Degard has exhibited extensively in London, UK, New York, and Oman.

Degard is founder of the genre contemporary visionary.

She is a member of The Colour Group, The Galileo Commission, The Scientific and Medical Network and a trustee of the London Art and Education Foundation.

Degard is soon to publish Space and Art: Humanity is Spacefaring for The Astropolitics Institute, to bring art and a vibrant living environment into outer space.

Degard is working alongside Anxiety UK to bring art into mental health.

Degard has hosted talks on Art, at the Royal Society of Arts where she is a Fellow.

Visionary Brit Museum

Degard has recently started a brand new gallery, outside of the British Museum exclusively for Visionary ideas, art and science. The Visionary Brit Museum will be representing contemporary visionary artists, scientists, and thinkers from around the world in the Heritage site of a Red Phone Box. We are setting up the exhibition schedule now. Please visit for updates


2020 – 2025 Degard is currently studying for a Doctorate in Fine Art, University of East London with Karen Raney.

2019 The Royal College of Art, MRes in the School of Arts and Humanities, with Esther Teichmann, Nicky Coutts, Rebecca Fortnum

1997 Chelsea College of Art (UAL), BA Fine Art, Painting with Terry Frost, Virginia Verran and Andrew Stahl

1989 Edinburgh University, MA Politics with Peter Drucker, Richard Gunn

Exhibitions – Solo

2024 University of East London, Working with Visionary Methods to Know Thyself

2023 Atlantis Book Shop The Visionaries

2023 Meeting my Ancestors Lost in the Holocaust

2022 January Angel Traces, Visionary Brit Museum

2021 October, Seeing and Painting Auras for Mind Body and Spirit Festival followed by workshop Auras and Art for Anxiety Relief

2021 June 5th at The Lookout, Aldeburgh – The Beauty of the Atom – a source of endless creativity – exhibition and talks with Dr Ernst Peter Fischer, Professor David Berman, Professor Gary Schwartz, Dr Alan Rayner

2021 The Power of Things – Virtual Reality Exhibition – available to view – go to exhibitions link

2020 Quintessence of Consciousness: The Launch of Contemporary Visionary Art – Virtual Reality Exhibition which Degard curated.

2020 The Power of People: Degard Retrospective, Gallery Sarah, Museum Al Zubair, Oman

2019 Who are We? Hertford Arthouse, Hertford

2018-19 an aetheric collection, Hertford Arthouse, Hertford

2018 Celebrities and Icons? Signet Contemporary Arts, Chelsea, London

2009 Retrospective, Hertford Arthouse, UK

2003 D-Day Landings, Courtyard Arts, Hertford, UK

2000 Money, Money, Money, Zetland Gallery, Shoreditch, London

1998 Paradise on Earth, Spitz Gallery, Spitalfields, London

1995 Stairway Gallery – Kew Studios, London

Joint/group Exhibitions

2022 April – June, Extraordinary Ideas on Colour, Visionary Brit Museum, Great Russell St, London WC1

2022 February-March LOVE, Visionary Brit Museum, Great Russell St, London WC1

2021 December Aura II, Brook Street Gallery, London W1 with Melissa Alley

2021 October, Aura – The Exhibition, Nolias Gallery, Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 with Rupert Record and Melissa Alley

2021, August, Shock of the Lock, The Lookout, Aldeburgh

2020 Letchworth Open – Kristian Day, curator

2020 Art curated by Caro Halford online exhibition private view

2020 White Empathy Box curated by Dr Lila Moore – online exhibition

2019 Nou Wave Gallery, London

2019 Beyond the Brain, Scientific and Medical Network, Westminster University, London 2019

2019 Trans-States II, Northampton University

2019 Royal College of Art, POW Interdisciplinary Collisions – London

2019 The Blyth Gallery 2019, Imperial College, London

2019 Hertford Arts Hub, Alan Davie Museum Imagine, Reflect, Resource 2019, as part of artist residency, Hertford UK

2019 WIP show, Royal College of Art, London

2018 Selfie, Candid Arts, London

2018 Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York

2017 10 Second Exhibitions at White Cube, London

2017 10 Second Exhibitions at Royal Academy, London

2017 10 Second Exhibitions at National Gallery, London

2017 MONAD, Northampton University, Northampton

2003 Inside Out, Bethnal Green Gallery, London

2002 Courtyard Arts, Hertford

2001 Ten people came together lured by a promise…, Mafuji Gallery, London

2000 Stroud Gallery

2000 National Museum of Women’s Art, Wales

1994 Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham

1993 Kew Studio, London

1992 Topo Gigio, London

In the early 90’s Degard worked with Joshua Compston who helped develop the careers of the ‘Young British Artists’ (YBA) such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

Writing, Symposiums, Societies

Extraordinary Ideas on Colour on behalf of The Colour Group

Magikal Women hosted a talk on Contemporary Visionary Art with Professor Fae Brauer, Melissa Alley and Dr Lila Moore as part of the open sessions series for Magikal Women.

The Power of Things Catalogue

Quintessence of Consciousness Catalogue

Book of the Dark – The Third Book of The Aetheric

Royal Society of Arts – hosted and curated the following talks
Art with Scientists and Creativity 2019 Professor Marcus du Sautoy and Professor Tom McLeish

Art with Homelessness, 2019, with Stephen Robertson CEO, Accumulate and Shaun Doyle PhD, RCA

Art with Cybersecurity 2019, with National Centre for Cybersecurity and Katie Pratt

Raynebowes and Sonnebemes, Colour through Time Symposium at The Royal College of Art 2019

Art, Myth, Cosmology, The Sacred and Science Society at the Royal College of Art – founder

Celebrities and Icons? The Second Book of The Aetheric Movement ISBN 978-1-5272-1471-2

The First Book of Aethericism – ISBN 978-1-5262-0049-5

The First Aetheric Symposium – the Royal Society of Arts March 2017

“Aetheric Energy: The Intangible Source of Human Celebrity?” –
Human Arenas published by Springer

Many clips and highlights from these events are available on YouTube – search Degard art and degardart channels

Future Exhibitions/Talks – please enquire for full schedule of events at

Exhibition, The Aura of Place, Visionary Brit Museum, June 2022

Exhibition, University of London, June 2022

Talk for Spirituality Studies Network, May 11th, 2022

Talk for Magikal Women, September 2022

2022 ESSWE various exhibitions supporting the conference of the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism – Cork, Ireland


Magazines and Newspapers

Degard has been featured in many local and national publications and been on TV and radio. Publications include The Times, Guardian, Time Out, Artists Newsletter (A-N), Galleries magazine, The Big Issue, amongst many others.


Born in London and lives and works in Hertfordshire. Degard has been working as a painter for over 30 years with her work in national and international collections.