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Curriculum Vitae

Degard – painter

Education graduated:

Royal College of Art – starting PhD process from 2018

Chelsea College of Art – BA Fine Art – Painting

Edinburgh MA Politics


Solo shows

2018 Celebrities and Icons: Signet Contemporary Arts – 378 Kings Road, Chelsea London SW3

2009 Retrospective of Degard’s work – Hertford Arthouse, UK

2003 D-Day Landings – Courtyard Arts, Hertford, UK

2000 money, money, money – The Zetland Gallery, Shoreditch, London

1997 Paradise on Earth, Spitz Gallery, Spitalfields, London


Many joint exhibitions throughout London and around the UK between 1988-2003

In the early 90’s she worked with Joshua Compston who started the YBAs

2018 Candid Arts ‘Selfie’ exhibition

2017-2018 Andrew Edlin Gallery New York

2017 – 10 second exhibitions at White Cube (footage released 2018)

2017 – 10 second exhibitions at Royal Academy (footage released 2018)

2017 – 10 second exhibitions at National Gallery (footage released 2018)

2017 – Northampton University as part of launch of MONAD

2003 – Inside Out – London Bethnal Green

2002 – Courtauld Arts – Hertford

2001   Mafuji Gallery – ‘Ten people came together lured by a promise…’

2000 – Stroud Gallery

2000 – National Museum of Women’s Art Wales

1994 – Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham

1993 – Kew Studio

1992 Topo Gigio

Further between 2016 to today

The First Book of Aethericism :ISBN 978-1-5262-0049-5

Celebrities and Icons:  The Second Book of The Aetheric Movement ISBN 978-1-5272-1471-2 is launched

The First Aetheric Symposium takes place at the Royal Society of Arts March 2017

Human Arenas published by Springer – “Aetheric Energy: The Intangible Source of Human Celebrity? “

Websites – the main site for Degard information and paintings and both reach out to the esoteric community to bring the people and knowledge together. – this is a site entirely dedicated to The First Book of Aethericism – sales of Degard’s unique edition paintings.

Further Exhibtions

Human Arenas, the Intangible and the Aetheric – RSA – September 2018

Celebrities and Icons? – Al Zubair Museum – Oman – Jan 2019


Degard has been featured in many local and national publications and been on TV and radio 5. Publications include The Times, Guardian, Time Out, Artists Newsletter (A-N). We are hoping for a piece in the Daily Mail shortly. Degard is currently collaborating with The Big Issue on a painting series with vendors to be put into auction.


Born in London.Degard has been working as a painter for over 30 years.